Kid-Friendly Fun: A Not Very Scary Halloween


If you are looking for songs for Halloween for kids ... Mini Monsters Club, A not very scary Halloween, is full of songs your children will enjoy.


The Mini Monsters Club had a goal of creating kid-friendly, Halloween songs and Halloween music for kids, children, toddlers and preschoolers. Our mission was based on the fact that a lot of Halloween lyrics are too scary, spooky and frightening for most young children. Younger kids and children very often are not at an age where they can see a clear distinction between what's real and what's imaginary. A lot of Halloween music and lyrics for children is the type that will cause nightmares. We decided to create songs that were safe from the fright-fest approach of most kids Halloween lyrics. You can view or download the lyrics here yourself to find out.


More than anything, we wanted to create fun Halloween songs, music that kids could dance and sing along to, and create an album, that as its title affirms, represents: "A not very scary Halloween."


The lyrics often teach a subtle (or not too-subtle) message. A consistent theme is one of teaching kids to not view Halloween's (or Hollywood's or literature's) traditional monsters as objects of fright. That is, not to be afraid of them. This lesson is in the song, "Hairy things, not scary things." The song teaches kids they shouldn't necessarily be afraid of caterpillars, bats or tarantulas only because they are hairy. The song also debunks the myth about bats turning into vampires and drinking blood. Instead it lets children know that real-life bats like to eat bugs.


"Mummy with a tummy ache" reminds kids not to overeat with candy.

Other songs focus on the fun. The songs: "Zombie Stomp" and "DJ Raven's Rave" are two "Simon Says-like" follow along dance songs that encourage participation. These are perfect kids Halloween party songs.


"Val, the very nice Vampire" shows kids you don't have to follow the pack. Be good and do the right thing. Don't give into pressure by others, who expect you to do the same things they do, in order to belong to their group.


The music features a wide range of styles. Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronic, Hip-hop, Country, campy 60s TV monster style, and movie soundtrack style.


Speaking of hip hop Halloween music for kids ... One of the most popular YouTube Halloween songs for kids is the video by the Mini Monsters Club: "Mouse in a Haunted House." This video is on the web site here. If you like video previews, you can find most of the other Mini Monsters Club kids Halloween songs on Youtube to preview as well.


These children's Halloween Songs are available as an instant mp3 download on the site.


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mini monsters club a not very scary halloween