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mini monsters club a not very scary halloween
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Welcome to the Mini Monsters Club,

The home of kid and young children friendly Halloween Music and Songs.

A note for parents:

Halloween can be a scary time for younger children (kids, toddlers). They are at an age when the imaginary seems real. With that in mind, we created music that removes "the horror" from Halloween. This collection of fun songs is geared at toddlers, pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school age children. Music that makes Halloween fun, NOT horrifying.


The Mini Monsters Club current album release is: A Not Very Scary Halloween. (Happy Halloween Songs for Kids) The album focuses more on the fun aspects of Halloween while making light of the horror aspects of the holiday.


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mini monsters club
Sings fun songs for children and kids of all ages ...
The songs are sung in cartoon character voices and often educate while entertaining. The music is fresh, original and fun. It's upbeat music covering a wide variety of contemporary styles: Pop, dance, rock, hip hop, country, plus classic campy 60s TV monster music. Meet the club's characters by clicking here: Meet the Mini Monsters Club or the menu link above.

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MEET the Mini Monsters Club

Jack O' Lantern

Hello, I’m Jack!

Jack-O'-Lantern is the most famous face of Halloween, you'll see Jack and his kind everywhere around the Halloween holiday. Listen to the song to hear more about his story.

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Hello, I’m Batty!

Batty, the bat is the club's pet and mascot. Think of batty as a dog... that flies! Batty sings in high-pitched sqeaks. Batty likes to sleep upside down after eating a delicious dinner of bugs.

Hazel the Witch

Hello, I’m Hazel!

Hazel is a witch, but a nice witch, not a mean one. One day, Hazel had a terrible itch. The itch wouldn't go away no matter what Hazel tried. To find out what Hazel did to make the itch go away ... you'll have to listen to her song!


Hello, I’m Mouse!

Mouse usually lives outdoors in a grassy field. But one day, it was cold and raining very hard so Mouse decided to sleep inside a nearby abandoned shack. Mouse didn't know the house was haunted. Listen to Mouse sing his song to find out what happened.

Val the Very nice Vampire

Hello, I’m Val the Very nice Vampire!

Val the Very nice Vampire is a really sweet person. In fact, she got in trouble at Vampire School because she was being too nice to humans and not doing the things that other vampires usually do. Listen to her song and find out what happened ...

Larry the Werewolf

Hello, I’m Larry the Werewolf!

Larry, the hairy, not-so-scary werewolf is a howl at Halloween parties. (Especially if there's a full moon!) Larry likes it when his friends howl with him. The more the merrier! Despite his long fangs and what legends about werewolves are... Larry doesn't bite!

Bones the Skeleton

Hello, I’m Bones the Skeleton!

Bones the Skeleton is a musical fellow. He likes to get together with his other skeleton pals to play percussion songs with their rattling bones. Bones wants you to play along with them, too!

Mun the Mummy

Hello, I’m Mun the Mummy!

Mun the Mummy is all wrapped in bandages, but he isn't injured. In fact, he's just very cold and all the wrapping helps him keep warm! Mum's Mommy was unhappy with Mun on Halloween because Mun ate way too much candy and got a bad tummy ache!

Zonky the Zombie

Hello, I’m Zonky the Zombie!

Zonky the Zombie walks in his sleep. You can always tell he's asleep because he holds his arms straight out in front when he walks. He tends to stomp his feet when he walks so you can usually hear him and tell that he's nearby!

Gob the Goblin

Hello, I’m Gob the Goblin!

Gob is a Goblin. Goblins like to get into things, especially Halloween candy. Make sure you keep your candy in a safe place when goblins are around!

DJ Rave, the Raven

Hello, I’m DJ Rave, the Raven!

DJ Rave is a raven, also called a crow. DJ Raven has a big collection of music and he keeps the club entertained by playing all the songs that everyone likes to listen and dance to!